Lst-611 Bluetooth Speaker with power banks and selfie function

Products Speicfication:
Bluetooth Version£ºBK/4.0 & JR V2.1+EDR
Connection £ºBluetooth/USB Flash card /TF card/AUX
Charging Voltage£º5V                                     Output Power£º5W
Working Current£º500MA                                 Capacity£º2000Mah
Battery £º18650 Li-ion                                     Material£ºABS+Silicone
Input/output£º5V/1A                                       Frequency range£º2.40G-2.480GHZ
Transfer distance£º10M                                   Charging Time£º2H
Working Time£º8H(60% Volume£©                         Reality lose rate£º<3%

Colors£ºGreen, orange, yellow, blue

Products Pictures:

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